"OK, first morning. I got the e-mail, practiced the words and wrote them on our white board.  I told [daughter] what I was learning and so she started saying the sentences.  [Son] heard us and wanted to know how to say them and so now he is practicing. Of course he is saying "Necesito salir" because I am making him sit and do his schoolwork but if that makes him remember I'm all for it! First day so far is a success!"

---Glynda B. (Texas)

"I am totally signing up for this. If you ever wanted to know more Spanish, but just don't have extra time - this is for you." 

---Andrea W. (Texas)

{A big} benefit is that more than one person could use it—{my husband} and I have the same email address so we could both receive it at one cost. Also, I clicked on the pronunciation with hesitation, but it worked with no problems on my ancient dial-up connection.

Also, since it is an email, people could start a file and store all of the emails for review, etc.

I really like the servant aspect to the program where it comes to me so I don’t have to initiate or remember anything to begin the lessons.
 Sarah N.


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