Learning Spanish...

                      ...is something you’ve been needing to do, right? 

But the cost seems outrageous, and let's face it - are you ACTUALLY going to sit down and begin a program, load the software, or open the book, find the CD, and do it every day, like you're supposed to?

(Probably not, right? You're pretty busy!)

So... what's the answer?

As I tell my clients and students, one word today is one word more than you knew yesterday. So... who's going to constantly remind you to learn that one word?


Make the decision now!

That's right. We'll send you an email - not every day - because that would feel a bit overwhelming - but every few days.  Three times a week, to be precise.  Low stress is the key.

(Save 15% by doing a full year's subscription---- We’ll check with you before launching you into Low Stress Spanish Level 2. 

We promise.)

THREE EASY STEPS (The hardest part is opening the email.)

All you do is:

1) Open the email.

2) Read each Spanish word & the English translation. 

3) Listen to the MP3 of the word you're learning and repeat it.

Three steps, three times a week, and you don't have to remember to do it! It'll come in an email!

The next Question...How much?

Only $6.95 per month - about the cost of one super fancy coffee. No extra software program to load or download, no extra time to add to your busy schedule - you do your Spanish Lesson in an already built-in time in your (let's face it) crazy life: when you read e-mails.

Just sign up for your FREE WEEK now, and your first email will arrive within 24 hours. You can cancel at any time.

Give it a shot! Sign up now!

Anything else?

Not really - that's about it. 

But if you'd like to take it up a teeny notch, you'll want to get a notebook - a Personal Learning Dictionary - to keep next to your computer. It'll serve as a record for the words you're studying and repeating. This way, you can review your words when you're AWAY from the computer as well. Check out an example in the side bar on the right.

What will it look like?

Here's a sample lesson (actually, this exact one isn't in there, but it is the same set-up.)

Necesito - I need



comprar - to buy



un sistema- a system

(oohn see-steh-mah)


And that's it! (Can you see how you can put together a whole sentence now? With just THREE WORDS!)

Like this. (Listen)

Give it a try! For about the cost of a single fancy coffee, you're getting an entire SECOND LANGUAGE! Now THAT'S something!

Other bonuses: 

+ Your first week is FREE! 

+ Manage your subscription at any time with the link at the bottom of each email

+ Save your Low Stress Spanish emails in a special folder in your email inbox, and review them at any time!

+ Do you share an email address with your family? Learn the words together!

Can my kids learn with me? YES!

But hey, what about your kids? 

For children, write the new words down on index cards as flashcards, or have them start their own Personal Learning Dictionary  (they draw pictures instead of writing the English down), or just post the three words to the fridge. Easy peasy. 

Oh... then speak to your children with some Spanish! Have fun!

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